Healthcare today is experiencing the most significant changes in our history which places a tremendous amount of pressure on executives and leadership teams.  The complexity of the consistent changes in reimbursement models, mergers and acquisitions, evolving and new competitors, technology enhancements, the requirement to decrease costs while delivering high quality care paired with measurable outcomes creates a dynamic and complex environment for leadership teams to navigate.  The amount of change, competing initiatives, and demands require leaders at all levels to operate in a nimble and swift fashion.  The pandemic has had a significant impact on our industry and will demand a different way of operating our hospitals and clinics.

I have a healthy appreciation for our complex industry and what that means on a day-to-day basis for any healthcare leader.  I have sat in your chair as a healthcare executive for over 25 years leading complex change.  So, I understand and have compassion and a deep respect for other healthcare leaders.  

I founded HealthStar Partners, LLC in 1998 and it has evolved from offering transformational executive leadership services to include executive coaching over the last 7 years.  The service offerings can be separate or combined depending on the desire and needs of the organization.

I have a passion for helping others create realistic solutions that are actionable, results oriented, and that are in alignment with the organization’s overall values and strategic initiatives.