I am a transformational healthcare executive with over 25 years of experience in leading significant change, enhancing organizational culture, improving financial and operational performance, and partnering with clinical leaders to improve the patient experience.   Quite often, this work has been in conjunction with a merger or acquisition, integration efforts post-acquisition, market re-positioning, new technology implementation, or a desire to enhance overall operational and financial performance.  I have served in faith-based, non-profit, and for-profit healthcare systems with Gross Revenue responsibility ranging from $175M to $7.5B.

After spending the majority of my career in organizations that had experienced so much change and ambiguity, I was very much interested in understanding how individuals cope with significant change over a period of time and how this impacts the individual, teams, and the organization itself.   Since I was a part of these teams, I also was on a quest to be a better leader.

I had observed in my own work that individuals who had experienced significant change or catastrophic situations over a period of time that the experience had the ability to change mind-sets. Being in a highly charged environment where the risks are significant – especially over a long period of time – can change how we think, our level of confidence, trust in ourselves and our colleagues, communication, and the ability to execute at the highest level necessary for maximum impact. The organizational culture can be altered when an organization has experienced significant change. Even positive change can have an unanticipated impact. This dynamic can happen to the very best leaders and teams – because we are human beings first.

This very dynamic that I had observed in many organizations inspired me to complete a second Master’s in Organizational Psychology and become an Executive Coach.  I wanted to find answers to these issues so that I could help others be successful and be a part of a positive solution.  Since 2006, my research, studies and work has focused on behavioral science, resilience, strengths, mindset, and emotional intelligence while tightly integrating those concepts into the organizational culture to positively impact outcomes.  The transformational changes set the foundation for successfully developing and executing on strategic and operational initiatives that improve clinical outcomes, employee engagement, provider satisfaction and ultimately the financial performance of the health system.